Minutes of Funk

Intercontinental Groove Station

Listen Again: 1-12-2015, Radio Free Brooklyn

This week showcases some new records from around the world: "Noogha" by avant-garde Burkinabé rapper Art Melody, the "Kouté Jazz" compilation of jazz from the west indies, DJ Krush's first album in over a decade, "Butterfly Effect", Mo Kolours' "Texture Like Sun", Cactus Karma's "Marmalade", and Erykah Badu's new album about telephones. Keeping it global with a nod to the First Nation peoples in Canada with an old cut from Willie Dunn and the latest song by A Tribe Called Red, and reaching deep into the crates for selections from The Heath Brothers, Gary Bartz, and Siah & Yeshua DapoED. 


Peter Kruder “Root Down” 

Mo Kolours “Keep Cool” 

The Heath Brothers “Smiling Billy Suite” 

Camille Sopreann Hildevert “Soprann Aux Antilles” 

DJ Krush “Nostalgia (ft. Takashi Niigaki)” 

Willie Dunn “Peruvian Dream, Pt. 2 (feat. Jerry Saddleback)” 

A Tribe Called Red “All Day (ft. Kool AD)” 

Art Melody “Ya n'targoama” 

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 “IMF ft Dead Prez” 

Ossie “Ossie Baba” 

Addison Groove “Minutes of Funk” 

Cactus Karma “Big Skies” 

Erykah Badu “Hello” 

Erykah Badu “Think Twice” 

The Unit “Walking Through the Sky (Live)” 

Arsenii “Allegria(Edit)” 

Mo Kolours “Texture Like Sun (Golden Brown)” 

Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band “Kwang Noi Cholay” 

Soccer96 “Flight Formation (Glenn Astro DJ Friendly Edit)” 

Seven Davis Jr. “Sunday Morning” 

Jean-Marie Bolangassa “Rikikida” 

Mbongwana Star “Malukayi ft. Konono n*1” 

Roy X “Odoyewu” 

Art Melody “Wa Gare Na Hip Hop” 

Siah & Yeshua DapoED “Gravity” 

Gary Batrz Nu Troop “Celestial Blues”