Minutes of Funk

Intercontinental Groove Station

Listen Back: April 12

Two hours of new, old, and rediscovered music from Minutes of Funk. African grooves from Orlando Julius, Lindigo, Seun Kuti, and more. Disco heat including the recently reissued Universal Togetherness Band, Rita Lee's Brazilian banger "Chega Mais", and the frantic "Back Door Getting Down" from Mystic Pleasure. New releases from previous guests Haarschnitt ("Bright Spell", XVI Records) and Leila Adu ("Nothing's Going Wrong", Belts and Whistles), and a few North African 45s picked up on a recent trip to Morocco.

Orlando Julius “In the Middle” 

Ahmed Fakroun “Soleil Soleil” 

Verckys et L'Orchestre Vévé “Bassala Hot” 

Kiland et L'Orchestre Mabatalaï “Pour Chercher Le Magot” 

Raul de Souza “Jump Street” 

Universal Togetherness Band “Try Try Try” 

Rita Lee “Chega Mais” 

Cerrone “Give Me Love” 

Mystic Pleasure “Back Door (Gettin Down)” 

Jeanie Tracy “Hot (For Your Love)” 

Lindigo “San Plato” 

Seun Kuti & the Egypt 80 “IMF ft M1” 

Ondatropica “Mambo Loco Especial” 

A/T/O/S “What I Need” 

Leila Adu “Nothing's Going Wrong” 

Willie Thrasher “We Got to Take You Higher” 

Nadine Shah “Fast Food” 

Younes Megri “N'cha Allah Maikoun Bass” 

Kahmal Ahmed & Nahid Aktar “Aesh Kiye Jaa Subh-O-Shaam” 

Dinosaur L “#5 (Go Bang!)” 

Max Graeff & Glenn Astro “Where the fuck are my hard boiled eggs” 

Haarschnitt “Bright Spell” 

Fat Freddy's Drop “Razor” 

Si Daty Et Mounina “Ghaylane” 

Nass El Ghiwan “Lahmani”